For the past several of months, I have had an incessant drumbeat in my head, urging me to “find others like you”. It is a plea to bring others together, to draw them in, to gather them; it is all the same message.

And to my chagrin, I have been ignoring it.

I’ve been ignoring it because I have no idea where to start. Where do I go looking for people like me? I have no idea how to begin describing how I think. I’ve thought that Rock’s suggestion of “uncorrelated Mormon” is a decent start. “Christian” is also a good one, but even that falls short of what I am envisioning in my head.

However, I cannot ignore this any longer. I must do this, or else this divine demand will fade, and who knows if I would be favored with its return. I still have no idea what to do, but I must do something.

I had a brief conversation with God this afternoon, and this is how He chastised me:

You have neglected to do what I have asked you to do. You have not found others like you. You have not been keeping records. You have not been searching for me. You have simply been standing still, looking around, and considering alternatives. Choose! Choose to do something! And after you have chosen I can refine your choices. Choose to be cold or hot. Choose to act. Choose to believe, and choose to have faith that your choices will bear good fruit. … Choose to study out of sacred books. Choose to exercise and bring your body to be in tune with your spirit. Choose to seek out learning through faith. Choose to live a life of light. Right now you are wandering and have no direction. The things you fill your time with are obscuring the fact that you are aimless, and they are filling your belly with food that does not satisfy, and water that does not slake your thirst.

So, I will begin.


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