Starting off

I’ve decided to start this blog, because I need an outlet for stuff. I have outlets for various aspects of my life (Twitter, Facebook, etc), but in those places I am very reserved about my religion. Part of it is the stigma of publicly attaching my ideas/dissatisfactions to my real name. Another part is that these other fora allow for unmoderated commenting; Twitter is especially bad in this regard. By having a pseudonymous blog with moderated comments, this can all happen on my terms.

So what will I be posting here?

  • I sometimes have great discussions with my spouse or friends that lead to fantastic ideas. Those may get posted.
  • Sometimes I need to rant and let off steam. Isn’t that what the Internet is for?

I’m looking forward to this blog. I don’t know how frequently I’ll update it, but I am glad to have a place to post stuff.


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